why start a side business?

For those of you who have been around here for a while, you know that I’ve been making jewelry for a really long time. Like 14 years. Jewelry has been in my blood since the first beaded bracelet I made and sold my Freshman year of high school to earn money for Spring Break. It’s such a joy hearing the stories of what my customers have stamped on your items – memorials, celebrations, words that impact your lives.

Owning your own business definitely has its perks: you choose your schedule, you get all of the profits, the flexibility and being your own boss is amazing. But there are also some potential downsides to owning your own business: never knowing exactly what your income will be, sometimes having to work long hours during busy seasons, not being able to shut off your mind.

Three years ago I started a small side business here, simply because I felt like God had allowed me to go through some things in my health so that I would share what I was learning about food and natural living with others. I have loved this business and it brings me such fulfillment during the slower times with my jewelry business. There have been months where this side business has picked up the slack financially for us when the sales weren’t coming in over at amycornwell.com.

As a result, I have felt led lately to share with you all a challenge – why start a side business? This can be beneficial for so many, but especially those who already have a successful business. How? The readers and followers are already there. If you choose a side business that coordinates with what you are already passionate about and sharing, those followers will transfer over to your new business. I’m not talking about bugging all of your friends all day every day. I’m simply saying sharing what you love about this new venture in a natural way that fits with everyday life. Here are some examples:

Against All Grain – Danielle is a cookbook author and writes about Paleo living. Eating clean foods is super important to her. She just started on as a consultant with Beautycounter (makeup) and it fits with her current feed because the company is concerned about non-toxic makeup.

Livy Loves to Run – Diane gained a huge following when she lost 100 pounds by exercising and eating healthy. She recently started selling LipSense, which is an all-day lasting lipstick line. She’s doing really well with that and is building a brand new house as a result. While losing weight doesn’t really coordinate with selling lipstick, she wears her lipstick in some of her photos, which makes an easy transition for her followers that are interested.

These are just two examples of people who have huge Instagram followings who started a side business successfully. What if you don’t have a huge following? You can be successful at this too. I know of many friends who are hardly on social media that have created successful side businesses – some that are paying off mortgages and retiring their husbands. My friend Eva just shared the other day this great article about having a side job with your day job.

those who kept their day job while pursuing a personal venture on the side — or what the researchers called “hybrid entrepreneurship” — were 33 percent less likely to fail than those who quit their jobs altogether.

My side business is sharing wellness products with others. I love being able to make someone’s life better and I love that I can do it from anywhere (i.e. at a stoplight or on the beach). I love that I don’t have to carry inventory for my side job. There is such joy in hearing the testimonies of lives changed. The relationships I’ve built in this new business are invaluable to me. This doesn’t feel like a “job” to me, it truly is fun and fulfilling. If you want to learn more about my side business (which soon will likely surpass my jewelry income), please send me an email. I’d love to talk to you more about it and see if it’s right for you. If not, consider finding a network marketing business that does fit with your passions – it could change your life in wonderful ways.

when worlds collide: what my 80 year old accountant and I have in common

Today we got our taxes done, which is always a stressful time for us. Being that I’m self-employed, it’s always a mystery if we’re setting aside enough for taxes. As our 80 year old accountant was doing our taxes, he saw Young Living on my income spreadsheet. He proceeded to say that he still plays tennis regularly and that he drinks “that red drink in the big bottle” from Young Living to help support his joints as he plays. He continued to tell me how he’s noticed a positive difference in his body since he started taking it.

That “drink in the big bottle” is NingXia Red from Young Living. NingXia Red benefits include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. A daily shot of 2–4 ounces is a whole-body supplement that helps support overall wellness with powerful antioxidants. I also drink NingXia Red every morning (2oz) and also notice a difference in my body, specifically my energy levels. I thought it was so cool today that my accountant takes something that I also love. I also told him about our supplement Agilease, which helps with joint support. I am not sure who he gets his YL products from, but am excited that he’s had such positive results!

Now that we know where we stand with our taxes (and I’m sure you do too), I’ve decided to offer a refund for your refund if you use it to invest in your health. If you purchase any of the three Premium Starter Kits here you will get $20 back from me as a gift! What Starter Kit options are there?

NingXia Red Starter Kit ($170, $256+ retail value): Power your life with a delicious blend of nutrient-rich wolfberry puree, superfruit juices, and pure essential oils. Formulated to support wellness for every lifestyle, NingXia Red® is a unique, powerful drink that will help you make the most of every day. This Starter Kit includes favorite NingXia Red products, including our top-selling cognitive fitness booster, NingXia Nitro! Kit includes: NingXia Red 2-pack, 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.), box of 14 NingXia Nitro, 5-ml Stress Away, samples, literature. Wholesale membership of 24% off retail pricing on any future orders.

Thieves Starter Kit ($160, $223+ retail value): Young Living is proud to offer a complete line of home and personal care products infused with the pleasant, spicy aroma of our proprietary Thieves® essential oil blend! This Starter Kit is ideal for those wishing to replace harmful chemicals in the home with powerful, natural alternatives. Includes: 15-ml Thieves Oil blend, Thieves AromaBright™ Toothpaste, Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash, 2 Thieves Household Cleaner, 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap, 2 Thieves Spray, 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier, 5-ml Stress Away, samples, literature. Wholesale membership of 24% off retail pricing on any future orders.

Premium Starter Kit (oils, $160, over $320 retail value): Full size diffuser, Premium Essential Oils Collection (5-ml each, 85 drops each): Lavender, Copaiba Vitality™, Peppermint Vitality™, Lemon Vitality™, Frankincense, Thieves® Vitality™, Purification®, RC™, DiGize™ Vitality™, PanAway®, Stress Away™, samples, literature. Wholesale membership of 24% off retail pricing on any future orders.

If you’re ready to give one of these great starter kits a try (seriously, they are all such a great deal!), you can get one here and I’ll refund you $20. If you’re already a Young Living member, you can also get any of these kits as a current member and save money! You won’t get the $20 from me, but you’ll still be saving money and doing something good for your body as well!

kids blends: owie

Sometimes our kids take a little tumble and need some soothing to their little bodies. This blend is perfect for that. Lavender is soothing to the skin, Tea Tree is also used for the skin for its cleansing properties and White Fir is soothing to the muscles. Young Living no longer sells White Fir, so if you’re not able to source it you can do three drops of each of the other oils.

In a 10mL roller bottle blend:
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Tea Tree
2 drops White Fir
fill the remainder with your favorite carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 blend)

In general, my kids rollerball recipes are regarded as safe for ages 2 and up, but every parent needs to decide for themselves. The kids rollerball recipes are extra diluted for their smaller bodies. There are many different opinions as to how much essential oil a child can handle so use caution and trust your intuition. Less is more, especially with kids or when first starting out.

my monthly wellness box {march}

It’s monthly wellness box time! I know I say it every month but it’s like Christmas when my Essential Rewards box arrives (btw, this is completely optional with Young Living). I share what I get in my monthly box to hopefully inspire others to try new things and think beyond essential oils. You all know how much I love oils, but Young Living is about so much more in terms of supporting our bodies. Nearly every item is infused with essential oils, in ways that our bodies can more readily use the ingredients inside. I love how carefully Young Living has thought through the chemistry behind how and why supplements work. I digress. Let’s talk about what I got!

Thieves Cough Drops – The power of Thieves and menthol in a cough drop! The triple-action formula of Thieves Cough Drops offers comfort by relieving coughs, soothing sore throats, and cooling nasal passages. Minty, spicy, and sweet without processed sugar, dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these cough drops are made with naturally derived ingredients, including Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and menthol from peppermint.

Life 9 Probiotic – Life 9™ is a proprietary, high-potency probiotic that combines 17 billion live cultures from 9 beneficial bacteria strains that promotes healthy digestion, supports gut health, and helps maintain normal intestinal function for overall support of a healthy immune system.*

Purification – Ditch overpowering and harsh chemical-based sprays and keep your home smelling fresh and clean with Young Living’s Purification® essential oil. This blend is made up of six essential oils for the ultimate weapon against odors. Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree work together to create a refreshing, bright scent that keeps you and your family happy and comfortable.

Thieves Vitality – To support overall wellness and a healthy immune system* with just a few drops.

Boswellia Wrinkle Cream – This one is for my mom but I also use it every night on my face. She uses it twice a day and it has lasted her 5 months. A little goes a long way.

ComforTone – I use this when I have too much gluten. TMI? Maybe. ComforTone capsules contain an effective combination of herbs and essential oils that support the health of the digestive system by eliminating residues from the colon and enhancing its natural ability to function optimally. It also promotes liver, gall bladder, and stomach health.

NingXia Red – You will see this on my order every month. I drink 2 oz every single day. The benefits include support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health. NingXia Red is a whole-body supplement and is packed with superfoods to support overall wellness.

The items to the right of the NingXia Red were free with my order this month (almost $200 worth!). I received Lavender (which we use daily), Lime Vitality (which will be perfect in my water or guacamole), Frankincense (which I use daily in the diffuser and is also great for the skin), Blue Cypress (new to me, excited to try) and Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray.

If you’ve never given oils or these other things a try, I’d love to help you get some (and even get some for free!). You can learn more here and you can always email me at amy@amycornwell.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

whole30, again

“Hey, it’s been almost a year. Let’s do Whole30 again. It’s so fun.”

Okay, so that’s not really how it went. It really went, “my pants don’t fit, I’m the heaviest I’ve been since I was pregnant, something’s gotta give and I need structure.” So there you have it. I’m doing my fifth Whole30 and I started on Monday. I’m calling this a modified whole30, because of a few reasons.

  1. The obvious – I’m doing it to lose weight and that’s totally not the premise of a true Whole30.
  2. I already know what my body doesn’t like, so I won’t be doing reintroduction like a true Whole30.
  3. If I go out to eat and want bacon on my bun-less, cheese-less burger, I’m going to have bacon even though it might have a little added sugar in it.
  4. I’m still taking my supplements. I take this to regulate my blood pressure and you better believe I don’t drink this stuff for the sugary taste. My bp is more important than the tiny bit of stevia that’s in it.

I’m going to do the whole30 plan for at least the 30 days and then after stick to a strict paleo diet to try to lose the weight I want to lose. I know for me, this is the best way to lose it. Once I make a commitment, I hardly ever waver from it so committing to Whole30 was the best choice for me. I lose 7-9 pounds in the 30 days, so that’s a win for me. Getting over the hump of the first few days is a little bit challenging after allowing myself to let go in the food department, but it’s what I need to do.

If you want to read about my first Whole30 experience, Whole30 Q&A, when I paired Whole30 and P90X3 and my other Whole30 posts check the category here. I’ve also shared just a few of my favorite Whole30 recipes here. Seriously though, beyond the weight loss, there are so many NSV’s (non-scale victories) to doing a Whole30. How about looking younger? Less joint pain? Fewer seasonal allergies? More patience? More energy? So many good reasons to do a reset like Whole30. So let me ask you a question I’ve asked before – what if? What are you waiting for? Join me.

sleepy blend rollerball recipe


This has become one of my favorite combinations before bedtime. I love it so much that I’ve made a blend in a 15ml bottle to keep by my bed to put in my diffuser. If you would rather have the blend as a rollerball – here you go! It’s super easy to make and you’ll just rub it on your feet and wrists before you slip under the sheets. Sweet dreams.

In a 10mL roller bottle blend:
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Bergamot
10 drops Cedarwood (or Lavender)
fill the remainder with your favorite carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 blend)

kid blends: focus

Focusing while doing homework can be a challenge for most kids…let’s set them up for success! This blend is full of energizing and uplifting oils (but in a good way!) that can help your child when working homework or even on test day. Apply this blend to the base of the skull or feet before they do their homework or take a test.

In a 10mL roller bottle blend:
2 drops Black Pepper
2 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Lime
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Rosemary
fill the remainder with your favorite carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 blend)

In general, my kids rollerball recipes are regarded as safe for ages 2 and up, but every parent needs to decide for themselves. The kids rollerball recipes are extra diluted for their smaller bodies. There are many different opinions as to how much essential oil a child can handle so use caution and trust your intuition. Less is more, especially with kids or when first starting out.

I personally use and trust Young Living as my source for essential oils. Their integrity and quality is so important to me and I love their Seed to Seal process. The fact that I can visit the farms and see how the oils are produced speaks volumes to me. If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, I’d love to talk to you more about them and how to purchase them.

my monthly wellness box {february}

For me, monthly order day is like Christmas Day (and the monthly ordering is optional). The monthly ordering with Young Living is called Essential Rewards and I earn points for free product as well as get discounted shipping with it. Plus I get to choose what I want in my wellness box!

Every month I get NingXia Red antioxidant drink (helps with my energy levels, 2 oz every morning) and Life 9 Probiotic to put the good bacteria back in my gut. Other items this month:
💧lavaderm – for when we come back inside after a day in the sun. It’s main ingredients are lavender and aloe vera.
💧thieves hand purifier – because there’s a lot of yuck going around and I love how this doesn’t dry out or sting my hands.
💧eucalyptus globulus – for respiratory support, especially for my son
💧white Angelica for a friend – contains pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils, promotes feelings of protection and security when diffused, and can be used to guard against negative energy.

FREEBIES (every month YL offers free oils as a promo based on your order amount):
💧eucalyptus radiata – stimulating and rejuvenating
💧wintergreen – stimulating and invigorating, great after exercise when applied topically
💧lemongrass – an aroma that can inspire a sense of clarity and relaxation

paleo coffee creamer

My husband and I are slightly obsessed with Califia Farms Chocolate Coconut Almond Milk. It’s so creamy and delicious and now that they’ve taken out carrageenan, I feel comfortable drinking it. The other day when I was at the grocery I saw that they now carry Toasted Coconut Coconut Almond Milk blend (still carrageenan free) with no added sugar. Now, it still has some of the “gums” in it, so you can decide wether or not to drink it. I brought it home to try it in my coffee and decided to make a creamer out of it. It’s sweet and slightly coconutty.

2c Califia Farms Toasted Coconut milk blend (you can also do 1c coconut milk and 1c almond milk if you so choose)
4T maple syrup
1 split and seeded vanilla bean

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a slight boil, take off heat and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain vanilla bean and enjoy in your coffee (use however much you want). It’s very easy and much better than the store bought creamers.

weight management with Slique

We’ve all heard this: the top resolution for 2016 was to lose weight and the top resolution for 2017 was to get healthy. It’s no surprise that nearly every year in the history of resolutions, losing weight and getting healthy is at the top of the list. And it’s an important one. As we come into February, how are you all doing with your 2017 goals? If I’m honest, I didn’t make any besides one big business goal. However I know many of you did, which is why I’m really excited to share a new group of items that can help you in that wellness goal (and there’s a challenge to hold you accountable too!). Keep reading for an opportunity to get free shipping as well.

Young Living’s Slique line was created to help everyone find the healthy lifestyle they deserve. Some people look for weight management, others look for increased metabolism, and others look to build lean muscle.* Many people have used these products to help them achieve their wellness goals. Young Living has designed a kit specifically for new members that is only available February 1-March 15 (current members, you can order the Slique Complete kit). They’re really trying to set us up for success (and hello, money back guarantee). You get with the kit:

— Basic Starter Kit – includes a 5-ml bottle of Stress Away, AromaGlide Roller Fitment, 10 oils sample packets, 10 sample oil bottles (empty), 2 Ningxia Red 2oz samples, Essential Edge Magazine and other resources. You also get a Young Living Wholesale Membership. (value: $45)

— Slique Shake (2 boxes of 15 packets each) – Slique Shake is a complete meal replacement shake that provides quick, satisfying, and delicious nutrition. Formulated with Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend, this shake may support healthy weight management when combined with regular exercise and a sensible diet.* (retail value: $130.92)

— Slique CitraSlim (2 boxes of 15 dual packs each) – Slique CitraSlim includes a proprietary citrus extract blend, which some studies suggest may help support the body in burning excess fat when used in conjunction with a healthy weight-management plan.* (retail value: $118.42)

— Slique Tea (2 boxes of 25 teabags each) – Slique Tea’s natural ingredients support healthy individual weight goals and help maintain healthy body functions. (retail value: $51.98)

— Slique Essence Oil Blend (15-ml bottle, 250 drops) – Slique Essence is a unique blend of citrus fruits, essential oils, and herbs that work together to aid effective digestion and support healthy weight management goals. (retail value: $34.21)

— Slique Bars (4 boxes of 6 bars) –  Slique Bars contain a blend of exotic fruits and nuts to create a satisfying, nutritious snack. (retail value: $93.44)

— Slique Gum (5 packets) – Slique Gum improves oral health and helps control unhealthy food cravings. (retail value: $51)

Retail Value of entire kit: $524.97 + $105.25 bonus oils below + up to $25 shipping refund from me = $655.22

Your cost as a new member: $380

Plus, because the product value (PV) of the kit is 300PV, you also get three bonus essential oils FREE with your order in the month of March only. You’ll get free:

15ml of Frankincense ($73.50 wholesale)
15ml of Lavender ($23.50 wholesale)
Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray ($8.25 wholesale)
up to $25 back for shipping (from me)
Starting with the kit also makes you a Wholesale member for life, with no monthly ordering or selling requirements. To maintain your wholesale membership you just need to place one additional 50PV (normally that is $50) order sometime in the next 12 months, otherwise your account will go Inactive.

BUT WAIT…there’s more (don’t you love when infomercials say that??). You can join the Slique in 60 Challenge because this kit qualifies you to do so. All those who register will be invited to join the Private Slique in 60 Contest Facebook group for product, exercise, and diet tips as well as motivation and emotional support to help achieve their goals. Plus PRIZES!! The next Slique in 60 Challenge starts on March 13 and registration begins now. There is also a 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

You can order your Slique Kit by enrolling as a member here at this link. On the second page you’ll click on Other Premium Kits and select Premium Starter Kit with Slique. For the month of March I’m offering to reimburse your shipping via a product credit up to $25, so you have nothing to lose (except what you want to lose)!

(*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult with your health care provider prior to beginning any weight-management program, if you are taking medications, or if you have any health concerns.)