what if?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.39.10 AMAs I go through this journey this year, I find myself continuing to say, what if? I went into trying Whole30 (and essential oils) with that mentality – what if? What have I got to lose by cutting out these foods for 30 days? I miss out on an ice cream trip with the family and we don’t eat out as often (which actually is good because it saved us money that I could use on real, whole foods). What if essential oils don’t work for us? I stop using them. But I didn’t stop, because most of the time they did work. And cutting out the inflammatory foods DID work for me – it healed my body in ways that my doctor (and hundreds & hundreds of dollars) couldn’t…. 

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chocolate chip coconut bars

chocolate chip coconut barsSo I’ve found my new favorite easy, tasty sweet treat. They’re chewy, chocolatey and coconutty – a true winner in my book. There are just 4 ingredients (5 if you make them with two different types of coconut like I did). You can add other things instead of or in addition to the chocolate like nuts or dried fruit. There are so many possibilities!

I adapted this recipe from The Paleo Mom’s Simple Chocolate Coconut Squares. Enjoy!… 

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times are changing…

frankincense2I don’t even know where to begin…this last week was a discouraging one for those of us trying to share Essential Oils with other people. The FDA sent out some warning letters to a few bloggers that talked about using essential oils for Ebola and it sparked this reminder of checking how we share things about essential oils. Because it can’t be classified as a drug due to it’s natural (and changing) components, those of us who are distributors (i.e. “selling” essential oils) can’t classify an EO like a drug when we share. For example, I can’t say that I use an oil for my son’s asthma (or rather what oil I use). Or that I use something for constipation. So the oils posts that I’ve had up so far had to be edited to remove the ailments (such as Frankincense above). Even if we site the source, we still can’t claim that an oil can be for a specific ailment like asthma, allergies or even an abrasion…. 

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a word on dairy


Dairy seems to be a hot topic these days. Whole milk vs. skim. Raw milk. Almond milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Now, I don’t want to put any dairy farmers out of work, just sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained this year. I thought I’d do this one as a little bit of a Q&A today. When I talk about dairy I mean everything dairy: milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, heavy cream, etc.

What effects can dairy have in our body?
Dairy consumption has been linked to a variety of medical conditions in children including acne, asthma, juvenile myopia, insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes. … 

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a word on sugar

photo 2I think it’s no surprise to anyone that sugar can have ill effects on the body. We all know that, but we eat it any way. I fall victim to it too – although less now than I used to because of my dietary restrictions. I love candy (especially dark chocolate and gummies) and can’t resist a great bowl of ice cream. It’s no wonder that we as Americans are addicted to sugar when you start reading the labels on your foods – nearly everything has some form of sugar added to it – whether it be high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, dextrose or plain old fashioned sugar. The more sugar we eat, the more we get used to the higher levels of sugar and the more we want. It’s a vicious cycle…. 

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a word on grains

Spoons with groatsWho’s excited to talk about grains today? WOO! Get excited! No, you’re not excited? Hm. Okay then. I want to share about grains today because I feel like I’ve been so blinded (as have most Americans who have been fed the “whole grain is healthy” mantra) – when the real truth is that grains are hard to digest and they don’t have any nutritional value that you can’t get from another source like fruits & vegetables. But I’m getting ahead of myself…. 

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when your body is not ready

Reintroduction after Whole30 was not fun. I basically found out that everything irritated my stomach in one way or another (some were bearable, and some were not). After reintroduction I’ve slowly continued to heal my gut by keeping to a Paleo diet. However, I knew that at some point I’d have to try these potentially irritating foods again. So the other day I had corn chips at Chuy’s when we were out for dinner. They were delicious. I enjoyed them. For 48 hours I felt fine. Then the constipation/bloating/bubbly stomach started again…and lasted for about 5 days. It’s so aggravating to me. I think my body needed more than 30 days to heal. Maybe I should have done a Whole45 or Whole60, but there’s no way to really know that until you go through reintroduction…. 

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but real food is so expensive! {snacks}

Right?! Real food is expensive. Processed food is cheap. But at what cost? Today I’m going to give you some inexpensive, healthy snack foods and bring to light that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive. Double bonus is that healthy food will keep you full & satisfied longer than processed food. I’ll be focusing on snacks this time, so hopefully it’ll also help those of you with little ones in school. One note – don’t be afraid of carbs if they’re from natural sources like fruit. Yes, they can still cause an insulin response, however it’s much better than the alternative with what processed sugars (or artificial sugars) do to your body…. 

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against all grain

51DlcBMC97LLast week the book Against All Grain arrived on my doorstep. To say I was excited was an understatement. A quick flip through the book brought excitement and passion back into food for me. The thought of not having bread again or tortilla chips or cake just really made me sad. Food is such a social thing and while this can be bad, it also can really bring people together. So finding recipes for world-famous sandwich bread, rosemary breadsticks, coffee cake, scones, muffins, ice cream and more was really encouraging to me.

Someone on Instagram encouraged that I “review” the book so I’m going to do that today. I’ve not worked through all of the recipes but will talk about the ones that I have. Against All Grain is filled with more than 150 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes. Some of the recipes had as few as 2 ingredients, while other more complicated ones had over 15. Most of them, however, had between 5-10 ingredients so they weren’t too cumbersome to make. I did have to make up a grocery list and get a handful of things that I don’t normally have on hand since I’m new to this Paleo lifestyle such as almond flour, vanilla beans, turmeric, and ginger…. 

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my favorite Paleo & Whole30 recipes

Today I thought I’d share some tried and true Paleo & Whole30 recipes. I’ve noted if they’re Paleo or Whole30 (or both) to make it easier for you based on where you are in your journey. I suggest the chocolate zucchini bread the day after you get done with whole30 – it’s so delicious!… 

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