easy eye makeup remover

I’ve got another great coconut oil recipe for you today and this one also has three ingredients {just like the coconut oil hair spray). Today I’m sharing the super easy makeup remover. Let’s get started!


1T fractionated coconut oil
3 drops tear-free shampoo
4oz water

Combine ingredients, shake gently before using. Apply to a cotton ball to remove your eye makeup.
Doesn’t need rinsed but feel free to rinse if you want!

For me, I do rinse my face because I wear contacts. It does a good job at getting off my waterproof mascara, but you might have to adjust your recipe to use more or less coconut oil depending on how well it works for you. If you need more power to get your makeup off add a teaspoon or so of more coconut oil. Let me know what you think!

coconut oil hair spray

Are you ready for just about the easiest tutorial ever for something that works really well to smooth and soften your hair? Here goes!

1/2c distilled water
1T fractionated coconut oil
2 drops lavender

Mix in a spray bottle and shake before you use.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezie. I used about 8-10 pumps for my hair –
I’d start with less and then add if you want more moisture.
I added more once my hair was dry before flat ironing so
that the ends wouldn’t be as dry.