easy eye makeup remover

I’ve got another great coconut oil recipe for you today and this one also has three ingredients {just like the coconut oil hair spray). Today I’m sharing the super easy makeup remover. Let’s get started!


1T fractionated coconut oil
3 drops tear-free shampoo
4oz water

Combine ingredients, shake gently before using. Apply to a cotton ball to remove your eye makeup.
Doesn’t need rinsed but feel free to rinse if you want!

For me, I do rinse my face because I wear contacts. It does a good job at getting off my waterproof mascara, but you might have to adjust your recipe to use more or less coconut oil depending on how well it works for you. If you need more power to get your makeup off add a teaspoon or so of more coconut oil. Let me know what you think!


  1. Rachel says

    Hey Amy, just curious do you use the Honest Company Shampoo? I was reading several of your posts and saw the “no poo” post where you said you use Chi shampoo. Just wondering if you did or didn’t like it.

    • says

      I use both! I use CHI when I’m going to actually do my hair (i.e. blow dry it) and have used Honest when I am not drying it. They both work nicely – the honest smells really good and you can use it for body wash too so it’s nice to have a multi-use product, especially with kids.

      • Rachel says

        Thanks! I have been looking at trying it but still had some reservations. I am kind of a shampoo snob but the more natural products I’ve tried the more I want to use.

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