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October 2014 Cover ImageAt the Influence Conference I had the coolest experience. On Friday they had Holy Yoga at 6am so Susan & I drug ourselves out of bed to see what it was all about. I have tried yoga many times and loved it – I used to do Steve Ross‘ Inhale classes on Oxygen until they took him off. I was so sad that day. Since then I’ve done yoga here and there & have taken a class at our YMCA.

At Holy Yoga, I was so impressed by the way that it works. I had no idea until I participated in it. You do yoga and all of the normal stretches and poses, but the instructor reads and prays Scripture over you as you do it. It’s the coolest thing. To be stretching and thanking God for the body He’s given you, while being prayed over with Scripture – it truly was an amazing experience. It was my first and only experience with Holy Yoga but I love how they took something that has been looked at as pagan and anti-Christian and made it into something godly and beautiful. Not to mention that my core was SORE the next day.

Our highly skilled and certified Holy Yoga instructors provide a world-class yoga experience that is 100% focused on connecting to Christ. Our Holy Yoga classes include prayer, Scripture and primarily contemporary Christian music.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.28.29 AMSo check out Holy Yoga – they have online classes, DVD’s and apparel that you can buy. I can’t wait to get my first DVD and start doing it at home.


  1. Malinda says

    I would love to know your review on the DVD. I have thought about purchasing it, but wasn’t sure yoga at home on DVD would be motivation or the same as actually going to class. I love the idea of scripture and yoga!!

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