small victories

celebrateLast week I had a bit of a low point. On Tuesday morning I woke up overwhelmed and frustrated at this journey. I thought – how boring for the kids to have ham, carrots & grapes every day. How in the world can I NOT give them a sandwich in their lunch? We’re just going to have to keep eating grains. I went to the grocery store and grabbed a few things, but was still frustrated. Later in the afternoon I watched some sessions from the Wellness Family Summit and it renewed a fire in me. The speakers reiterated things like,

we are the example and kids just need to be involved…make it fun for them and teach them how to pick produce or make a meal. give them ownership. teach them with hands-on experience. it takes persistence. training a palate isn’t for wimps.

Then later on once the kids got off the bus Little E asked for a pb&j sandwich. I reminded him that he had toast that morning and that we were not going to eat as many grains to try to help his asthma. He asked if there was anything he could have jelly on. I told him he could have jelly on the paleo bread that I made. He said he’d try it (as did his picky older sister). I toasted it and slathered on some strawberry jelly. Both kids asked for seconds. What? Big E did not like the bread the first time she tried it, so I was floored. They both said that they’d even eat it in their lunch if I made pb&j for them. So this week I’m celebrating small victories. Up next: salad with dairy-free homemade ranch. Pray for me.

{real life: a few days after drafting this post the kids were on fall break and came to the grocery store with me. it was a frustrating and draining experience telling them “no” multiple times to the junk food that they wanted to eat. i hate being the No Man all the time, but I know it’s best. treats are okay on occasion, not every day all day. this new life is like a roller coaster, thanks for joining me on the ride.}

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