sleepy blend rollerball recipe


This has become one of my favorite combinations before bedtime. I love it so much that I’ve made a blend in a 15ml bottle to keep by my bed to put in my diffuser. If you would rather have the blend as a rollerball – here you go! It’s super easy to make and you’ll just rub it on your feet and wrists before you slip under the sheets. Sweet dreams.

In a 10mL roller bottle blend:
10 drops Frankincense
10 drops Bergamot
10 drops Cedarwood (or Lavender)
fill the remainder with your favorite carrier oil (I recommend fractionated coconut oil or Young Living’s V-6 blend)… 

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premium starter kit


When I signed up with Young Living, I purchased the Premium Starter Kit. The PSK includes 11 bottles of oil (5ml each), sample packets, empty 2ml bottles for travel or giving away as samples, samples of the antioxidant drink NingXia Red, a diffuser and tons of great information.¬†When I bought the kit I figured, what do I have to lose? Less than $200? Why not try them and see what they can do for our family? So the kit arrived and I was immediately overwhelmed. But as I started reading through some reference guides¬†and asking my bff I became more comfortable with using the oils and trying them for different things…. 

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