tips for mineral makeup

I LOVE, like LOVE LOVE LOVE, Savvy Minerals Makeup. When it came out last summer I was quick to ditch my old makeup (one of the last things I was waiting to change over to a healthier option) and purchase my favorite colors of Savvy to use every time I wear makeup. I love that it’s free from all of the junk and that it actually helps diminish the appearance of imperfections and blemishes. I have a few tips & hacks for you today regarding our makeup line – have you tried it yet?… 

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getting a restful night’s sleep

Let’s talk about getting a good night’s rest. It’s so important to our bodies. We all know that lack of sleep can make you groggy and cranky. What you may not know is that there are other effects to the body if you don’t get enough sleep such as causing accidents, serious health issues like heart attack and high blood pressure, it can cause depression and decrease libido (more negative effects here). Many of us struggle with interrupted or light sleep – so what can we do? Let’s talk about a few ways to help you get better, more restful sleep…. 

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hosting a make and take with friends

Make and takes are a great way to get together with friends and get crafty. They can take a bit of work to put together but in all that I’ve done, I’ve never seen someone who has looked sad to be there. Everyone has a great time and makes what they want. I charge for materials for my make & takes. Feel free to be generous and pay for supplies if you want to have a crafty night with friends and you’re able to financially do so. Per Young Living’s policies, you can’t charge for the essential oils. Because of that, I add up the cost of the bottles, labels, etc plus my time to prepare and that is the cost that I apply to each item or event as a whole if there is a flat fee.

I’ve done make and takes a few different ways: 1) a list of items to choose from, make whatever you want in whatever quantities and each item is priced individually or 2) we have X number of items to make, you make them all for a flat fee. Both work well, it just depends on what you want to do and how much prep you want to have…. 

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let’s talk about healthy hair

Okay, so maybe none of us will look like Rapunzel, but we can all use products that support healthy hair. Let’s start by talking about some oils and other products that are supportive to healthy hair:

Cedarwood essential oil – helps with body, strength and healthy growth.

Lavender essential oil – helps with strength, healthy growth and is supportive to the skin on the scalp.

Rosemary essential oil – supportive to the skin on the scalp, healthy growth and overall healthy looking hair.

For the essential oils: Apply 1-2 drops of oil to hands, and then massage into hair and scalp before bath or shower; then shampoo and rinse as normal. Or add 10-15 drops to your shampoo bottle, mix thoroughly and shampoo as normal…. 

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how do I know what oils to use

I’m really excited for today’s topic because it’s the question I receive the most when someone first gets started. So many people ask, “How do I know which oil to use for _______?” This question is tricky because Young Living sells natural products. Natural Products can’t be listed as a treatment for an ailment because then they’d be considered a drug. So I can’t say, “Use _______ for a headache” because then I’d be treating that item as a drug and that’s against the law per the FDA. Young Living also can’t say that, so you won’t find items for ailments on their website, unless it’s one of the handful of Over the Counter items like the Cool Azul Pain Cream or the Diaper Rash Cream.

So how do you know what to use? There is SO much information out there on the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s true or safe. … 

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easy DIY’s

I’m so excited to talk to you about some easy DIY’s today. If you search online you will find a plethora of recipes and concoctions to get you going. I’m going to share just a few today to help you get inspired to try creating your own goodies for around the house. Let’s get started! The first is my Calming Bath Soak. So easy!

Some other great pampering DIY’s are:
Lotion Bar | Hair Mask | Body Butter | Lavender Oatmeal Bath Soak

How about DIY’s for travel? I’ve got you covered there too. I make this bed spray for when I travel. It is a blend of relaxing oils to help you sleep as well as oils that are beneficial when you’re in a bed that’s not your own. I will say, this bottle isn’t quite large enough so now I make it in a larger spray bottle for travel. I also like to take this sleepy roller with me!… 

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let’s talk about having more energy

Let’s face it, we can almost all use more energy. It’s something that most people struggle with at some point. So let’s talk about some helpful tips to make us all feel more energetic throughout the day.

Getting the right amount of sleep for your body is optimal in terms of energy. There is no perfect set number of hours of sleep, but experts say between 6-9 is perfect. You have to figure out for yourself what is your optimal time by seeing how you feel for each of those timelines. A great way to help you get restful sleep is to diffuse or use topically a blend of oils to relax you like: Peace & CalmingLavenderCedarwood or my favorite is a blend of Bergamot, Lavender and Frankincense. (when I speak about using an oil topically on the skin, I’m only speaking about Young Living Essential Oils because I know they are safe to be used that way)… 

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oils in the bedroom {and I don’t mean sleep}

Oh boy, I’m blushing already and I haven’t gotten started. Discussing oils and intimacy is a topic that a good number of people wonder about but many are too afraid to ask. It is a real topic that many people struggle with and it’s hurting relationships. Talking about oils in the bedroom is not something that I’ve done yet, but I was privileged to hear it spoken about at a conference I went to a few years back. I still have the booklet that they gave out so I’ll be using information from that to teach you all today. When we say there are oils for just about everything, we mean it!


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how to dilute your oils and making rollers

I’ve started a new email series with my team to help train them how to use oils and such, and I thought you might find value in them here as well. So each week I’ll be sharing tips and tidbits on the blog to help you learn with us! This week we’ll be talking about proper dilution and making rollerballs. They are so easy and a great way to have your oils ready to go. Watch this quick video then I share some other tips after that (it’s only 4 minutes!).

As you saw, making a roller is really easy. Dilution ratios are on all of the colored labeled oils, because those are labeled for topical or aromatic use. How do you know where to apply the oils? Normally, it will be self explanatory. If you’re using an oil for head tension, rub it on your forehead. If you’re needing digestive support, rub around your belly button. If the area isn’t as clear, a great place to apply the oils is to the bottoms of the feet. The pores are larger there plus there are Vita flex points on the bottoms of the feet to nearly every part of the body – so when in doubt, apply to the bottoms of the feet. Normally recipes will list where to apply or you can check your oils reference guide as well. I hope that helps!