why start a side business?

For those of you who have been around here for a while, you know that I’ve been making jewelry for a really long time. Like 14 years. Jewelry has been in my blood since the first beaded bracelet I made and sold my Freshman year of high school to earn money for Spring Break. It’s such a joy hearing the stories of what my customers have stamped on your items – memorials, celebrations, words that impact your lives.

Owning your own business definitely has its perks: you choose your schedule, you get all of the profits, the flexibility and being your own boss is amazing. But there are also some potential downsides to owning your own business: never knowing exactly what your income will be, sometimes having to work long hours during busy seasons, not being able to shut off your mind…. 

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but real food is so expensive! {snacks}

Right?! Real food is expensive. Processed food is cheap. But at what cost? Today I’m going to give you some inexpensive, healthy snack foods and bring to light that healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive. Double bonus is that healthy food will keep you full & satisfied longer than processed food. I’ll be focusing on snacks this time, so hopefully it’ll also help those of you with little ones in school. One note – don’t be afraid of carbs if they’re from natural sources like fruit. Yes, they can still cause an insulin response, however it’s much better than the alternative with what processed sugars (or artificial sugars) do to your body…. 

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