what I learned from my first half marathon

img_0890On Saturday I ran my first ever Half Marathon in Indianapolis. No, I’ve never really run any considerable distance before more than 2 miles and yes, it was difficult. But the reason why I ran made it easier to do being that I’m not a seasoned runner. This whole experience was challenging and I learned a lot along the way that I wanted to share with you all. These are in no particular order and I’m sure as soon as I hit “publish” there will be more things that pop in my head so this list might be ever-growing and changing.

What I learned from my first half-marathon (and maybe my only half-marathon):… 

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running with purpose

Three years ago I went to Kenya with my church. After a long drive on a Kenyan “road” (literally made of boulders, I don’t know how we didn’t blow a tire), we came up to the village we were set to visit. We visited this village because our church had raised money for a well for the village – we came to celebrate and build relationship (the well was completed over a year later). One of the most eye opening and life altering moments was seeing the watering hole at Isinon.


This is the water that the people would drink. This is the water that their livestock would drink. This is the water that ran dry when there was no rain. Can you even imagine?¬†This is the reality for so many people around the world. Many people have to walk miles just to get “clean” water and then they have to carry huge jugs back to their villages…. 

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real life P90X3 results

P90X3 real resultsNothing like taking a 4 month break from blogging, huh? I have to be real with you all…I intended to write this post to show you that P90X3 doesn’t really work like they say. I wanted to give you a real snapshot of how P90X3 can work for a real person, with real results. I’m still doing that, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did the fit test this morning. While I didn’t see the results I wanted on the scale, the other results far outweighed that disappointment.

Let me preface the results by saying what I did and what I ate. I eat 90% paleo on a regular basis. In the middle of P90X3 (during Block¬†2) I did a Whole30 and lost 7 pounds. The rest of the time I didn’t lose any weight (in fact, I didn’t even lose 7 pounds by the time the program was over). … 

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10 helpful wellness links


This past week I listened to quite a few sessions at the Wellness Family Summit and gleaned a wealth of information through those sessions. I thought you all might enjoy some of the new resources I’ve come across so here they are!

Mommypotamus // recipes for food, beauty and home products

Saving Dinner // recipes, helpful food information, encouragement… 

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holy yoga

October 2014 Cover ImageAt the Influence Conference I had the coolest experience. On Friday they had Holy Yoga at 6am so Susan & I drug ourselves out of bed to see what it was all about. I have tried yoga many times and loved it – I used to do Steve Ross‘ Inhale classes on Oxygen until they took him off. I was so sad that day. Since then I’ve done yoga here and there & have taken a class at our YMCA…. 

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