chocolate chip coconut bars

chocolate chip coconut barsSo I’ve found my new favorite easy, tasty sweet treat. They’re chewy, chocolatey and coconutty – a true winner in my book. There are just 4 ingredients (5 if you make them with two different types of coconut like I did). You can add other things instead of or in addition to the chocolate like nuts or dried fruit. There are so many possibilities!

I adapted this recipe from The Paleo Mom’s Simple Chocolate Coconut Squares. Enjoy!

1c finely shredded unsweetened coconut (I buy in bulk at our Earth Fare)
1c shaved coconut flakes (I use Bob’s brand)
2 eggs
2t vanilla
1/2c mini chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life brand because they’re dairy & soy free)

Preheat oven to 350* and either grease a 9×9 pan or line with parchment paper. I prefer lining it with parchment paper because I can just pull on the parchment paper and remove the whole thing at one time to cut it more easily. Whisk the eggs and vanilla together, then add the remaining ingredients. Press the mixture into the pan lightly and bake for about 22 minutes (or until golden). Let it cool, cut and enjoy the chocolate, coconutty goodness!

photo 3


  1. Midride says

    Wow, the second I read chocolate and coconut I knew I had to try this. Lucky for me I had both indregient at home. This so delicious. Thanks for sharing

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