how to dilute your oils and making rollers

I’ve started a new email series with my team to help train them how to use oils and such, and I thought you might find value in them here as well. So each week I’ll be sharing tips and tidbits on the blog to help you learn with us! This week we’ll be talking about proper dilution and making rollerballs. They are so easy and a great way to have your oils ready to go. Watch this quick video then I share some other tips after that (it’s only 4 minutes!).

As you saw, making a roller is really easy. Dilution ratios are on all of the colored labeled oils, because those are labeled for topical or aromatic use. How do you know where to apply the oils? Normally, it will be self explanatory. If you’re using an oil for head tension, rub it on your forehead. If you’re needing digestive support, rub around your belly button. If the area isn’t as clear, a great place to apply the oils is to the bottoms of the feet. The pores are larger there plus there are Vita flex points on the bottoms of the feet to nearly every part of the body – so when in doubt, apply to the bottoms of the feet. Normally recipes will list where to apply or you can check your oils reference guide as well. I hope that helps!

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