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Rocky-Mountain-EssentialsAt the end of October Daniel from Gold Mountain Beauty contacted me asking me to try and share some of their products. After taking a look at their products I said, “sure!”. I’m so excited to share them with you today.

{Even though they sent me the products for free, the opinions are my own.}

Gold Mountain Beauty is a small family company that creates all natural health and beauty products.Gold Mountain Beauty believes in three things: amazing customer service, fair prices, and the highest quality ingredients and materials. Plus, most of their products are manufactured and packaged in the USA. Instead of using toxic products, they want to provide people with natural products that are safe to use, effective and actually good for your skin. Daniel was very quick to respond to my emails and the package came direct from Amazon, who does their fulfillment. Customer service is key for me and Daniel did a great job in that respect.

charcoalCoconut Activated Charcoal Powder
I have to admit, seeing “charcoal powder” freaked me out a bit. But it’s not charcoal like you think of putting in your grill. This Charcoal Powder is made from coconut shell. It’s ultra fine and food grade. You can mix it with water to brush & whiten your teeth. It can also be mixed with water and taken internally for various health conditions. Coconut Activated Charcoal is actually used frequently in hospitals to treat food poisoning. Some other uses for it are facial cleanser, making a charcoal facial bar, healing shampoo and teeth whitener/face maskHow to Use Activated Charcoal Powder is also a great article to get you started.
Daniel says, “This is a raw material and there are a ton of possibilities. My girlfriend uses this for face masks. Our company is also currently developing a teeth whitening product which is based on activated charcoal, so I’m using this to whiten my teeth. I personally like it a lot better than toothpaste. I used to have a sensitive tooth that bugged me, since i started using our teeth whitening product it doesn’t bother me anymore.”

sprayNatural Foot & Shoe Deodorizer
I really like the smell of this. I’d describe it as a sweet medicinal scent. I have to admit, we don’t have super stinky feet so I can’t speak to that but I did spray it in Dave’s hiking shoes and now they smell lovely. I also sprayed it on my feet and it was a cooling sensation as well as a nice scent. And I love that the essential oils are then on my feet for therapeutic purposes as well. This is a 4oz bottle which will give you hundreds of sprays.
Daniel says, “I personally use this product for my rock climbing shoes. It’s great for runners, work boots and any other shoes that are smelly. I apply generously and leave the shoes outside. This keeps them fresh. I’ve never used this on genuine leather, so be careful if that’s what you intend to use it on. Spray a little bit on a small spot. Of course you shouldn’t have any issues spraying them directly in shoes.”

soakTea Tree Foot Soak
This smells so good too! I definitely smell the mint in this foot soak. The foot soak contains 100% Australian Tea Tree Oil, with a blend of supportive antibacterial essential oils, including peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender. Epsom salts and sea salts help to soothe tired and aching feet. The aroma of the essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. You use just a capful in a basin of water and soak tired feet. This is a full 16oz and will give you many, many soaks! This would be so great after a long day on your feet or after playing sports.
Daniel says, “This is designed as a natural treatment for foot fungus and athletes foot. I’ve never personally used it for foot fungus, although I have had success with athletes foot. My girlfriend likes to use it as a relaxing foot soak. I use it for my hands – I get pretty good calluses from Kettlebells. Soaking my hands softens the calluses up and then I take a pumice stone to them. I also used this soak extensively in the summer when my heels were dried and cracked.”

All in all, I’m really enjoying the products. I’m still a little nervous to use the coconut activated charcoal simply because it’s new for me but I’m excited to try some of the recipes that I listed above. Gold Mountain Beauty is a company that I’m proud to share with you. I love supporting small businesses, and even more so when their products are made without chemicals. Take a peek at their website, learn more about who they are and visit them on Instagram. Their feed is absolutely beautiful! A big thanks to Daniel for reaching out and sending me the products to share with you all!


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