how do I know what oils to use

I’m really excited for today’s topic because it’s the question I receive the most when someone first gets started. So many people ask, “How do I know which oil to use for _______?” This question is tricky because Young Living sells natural products. Natural Products can’t be listed as a treatment for an ailment because then they’d be considered a drug. So I can’t say, “Use _______ for a headache” because then I’d be treating that item as a drug and that’s against the law per the FDA. Young Living also can’t say that, so you won’t find items for ailments on their website, unless it’s one of the handful of Over the Counter items like the Cool Azul Pain Cream or the Diaper Rash Cream.

So how do you know what to use? There is SO much information out there on the internet these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s true or safe. For example, there are places online that say Essential Oils can never be used internally – but we know that Young Living has a whole line of dietary oils called the Vitality oils that ARE safe for dietary use. So how do you know the truth? My favorite place to look for how and what to use is an essential oil reference guide. My two favorite sources for Young Living brand specific guides is Life Science and Abundant Health. Unfortunately I’m not able to directly link to those guides, but you can search their sites for them. These guides will tell you exactly what to use. Abundant Health also has an app for $6.99 so you’ll always have that information on the go.

Another great way to see what exactly YOUR body needs is to be scanned by a bioimpedance scanner like an iTovi. These scanners will measure your body’s frequency and then see what your body needs. It’s truly amazing technology. You can read more about that here, because I’m not a scientist and most of that is over my head. I’m always amazed at how right on the scans are when I do them.

Lastly, I love following Lindsey Elmore (the Farmacist) on Facebook and on her website. She frequently does live videos on her Facebook and is a wealth of knowledge. She is a pharmacist and is crazy smart with science. You have a question? She has an answer. But she’s also direct and to the point, there’s no beating around the bush with her. She tells it like it is. She is also Young Living specific because she’s fallen in love with the products. Give her a follow and if you really want to dig in to essential oil education, you can consider her master class and other training on her website.

I hope this helps you to be empowered to learn how and what to use. It really is easy, you just need to know where to look. And always remember, each of us is uniquely made. God didn’t make us the same. So what works for one person might not work for you (or it might work wonderfully). So if something isn’t effective, try the next item on the list or take a good look at other factors that might be going on in your life like stress, eating habits, environmental toxins, etc. Here’s to wellness!

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