let’s talk about healthy hair

Okay, so maybe none of us will look like Rapunzel, but we can all use products that support healthy hair. Let’s start by talking about some oils and other products that are supportive to healthy hair:

Cedarwood essential oil – helps with body, strength and healthy growth.

Lavender essential oil – helps with strength, healthy growth and is supportive to the skin on the scalp.

Rosemary essential oil – supportive to the skin on the scalp, healthy growth and overall healthy looking hair.

For the essential oils: Apply 1-2 drops of oil to hands, and then massage into hair and scalp before bath or shower; then shampoo and rinse as normal. Or add 10-15 drops to your shampoo bottle, mix thoroughly and shampoo as normal.

Sulfur – Sulfur has been known as a building block of healthy hair (as well as skin and nails). Young Living has a supplement in either capsule or powder form called Sulfurzyme that can help support healthy hair, skin and nails.

Stay away from SLS {Sodium Laureth Sulfate}. Sulfate is not the same as Sulphur. SLS is is a harsh detergent that strips hair of buildup and natural oils, which can lead to breakage. Sulfur is a natural mineral found in the body that aids in essential functions, including healthy hair growth. Be sure to check the labels on your shampoos – Young Living has a handful of shampoo options without SLS, including the Lavender Volume Shampoo for thin hair.

Make some DIY Hair Mask, it will leave your hair soft and smooth while taming flyaways.

DIY some detangler based on your hair type, I’ll be trying these for my daughter…who gets horrible knots in her hair! These recipes include essential oils to help with the hair type that you have.

If your hair is dull or naturally dry, you can use this spritz to keep it looking healthy (another DIY, I love easy DIY’s!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. There are so many great oils and products that can help with healthy hair – don’t be afraid to try some out!

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