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When I signed up with Young Living, I purchased the Premium Starter Kit. The PSK includes 11 bottles of oil (5ml each), sample packets, empty 2ml bottles for travel or giving away as samples, samples of the antioxidant drink NingXia Red, a diffuser and tons of great information. When I bought the kit I figured, what do I have to lose? Less than $200? Why not try them and see what they can do for our family? So the kit arrived and I was immediately overwhelmed. But as I started reading through some reference guides and asking my bff I became more comfortable with using the oils and trying them for different things.

Single Oils in the Kit:
Frankincense – mentioned in the Bible, it stimulates and elevates the mind.
Lemon – a refreshing oil that revitalizes and uplifts as well as supports the nervous system.
Lavender – a fragrant scent with many uses including skin care, relaxation and more.
Peppermint – a cooling oil that helps support the digestive system.
Copaiba – traditionally been used to support digestion and magnify the effect of other oils.

Oil Blends in the Kit:
Purification – a blend of citronella, lemongrass, rosemary cineol, melaleuca, lavandin, and myrtle. A beautiful blend of scents to help purify the air.
Stress Away – a blend of copaiba, lime, cedar wood, vanilla, ocotea, and lavender.
Panaway – a blend of wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint that is soothing and stimulating.
Thieves – a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, and rosemary cineol. Thieves supports the immune system.
RC – a unique combination of Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus (E. globulus, E. radiata, and E. citriodora) oils, and includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene. RC supports the respiratory system.
DiGize – This unique blend contains Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Peppermint, Tarragon, Lemongrass, Patchouli, and Juniper essential oils, and includes naturally occurring constituents like menthol, citrol, and zingiberen. DiGize supports the digestive system.

Diffuser love:
The thing I was most excited about with the kit is the diffuser. The diffuser blows the oils into the air. You mix distilled water and about 6 drops of an essential oil into the reservoir and when you turn it on it bubbles the mix and mists it into the air. One great things about it is that it smells great. Another great thing is that it diffuses the oils into the air that then you breathe in which brings the oils into your body. In the new Premium Starter Kit you have your choice of diffusers, all at different prices.

Learn more about starting your journey with essential oils.

By US Law I am required to say the following: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and techniques are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please talk to your doctor before starting any essential oil regimen. When I speak about essential oils, I am speaking only about Young Living Essential Oils.


  1. Courtney L says

    This helped so much! I’ve been thinking about getting that same kit to try. When you look at the cost of each oil, the package really is a good deal. Loving this new blog you have going!

  2. says

    This is a great price for a kit with a diffuser! I joined doterra for my Christmas present last year, but havent been overly impressed by them. And I learned that if I want to keep my wholesale membership/distributor status, I have to pay some fee. With the cold/flu season coming on, I just know we’re going to be needing oils & I’m thinking of changing companies. I’ll have to dig more into YL and see if they are worth switching too!

    • Amy at NLRL says

      With YL, to keep the wholesale pricing you just have to place one 50PV (about $50) order in the year. To earn a commission there are other purchases that need to be made monthly, you can see that on my page under essential oils – sharing EO’s an making an income – but I will say my first month’s commission paid for my monthly oil order 😉 Let me know if you need help or other info!

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