Roller October

It’s an exciting month over here! In addition to the almost $400 worth of freebies from Young Living, I’m doing a team-wide promotion with FOUR ways to win FOUR different gemstone rollers! {This is exclusive to the Natural Living Real Life team so if you’re not sure if you’re a part of our team, let me now!}

Everyone has a chance to earn a roller (or two or three or four!!). There very well could be a person that newly enrolls, gets on ER, orders 300PV and ranks up by telling friends about YL! I can’t wait to see who earns what rollers at the end of the month!

1) New Members with PSK or Reactivations at 100PV::
Happy Roller with Amethyst and Peridot gemstone chips
Any NEW member that enrolls with any of the 4 Premium Starter Kits will receive a Happy Roller from me! Those that have gone inactive (perhaps some of you??) that reactivate with a 100PV order – items of your choice – will also get a Happy Roller. I’m having so much fun making these!

2) 300PV orders::
Transformation Roller with Tourmaline and Green Aventurine gemstone chips
With your 300PV order this mont you’ll receive from YL FREE ($241 worth): Multigreens, Palo Santo, Thyme, AromaEase plus Cinnamon Bark & Oregano Vitality if you’re on ER. And then I’ll also send you a beautiful roller with diluted Transformation. It’s one of my favorite scents!! I use it often!

3) New on ER with 100PV processing in October::
Valor Roller with Sodalite and Clear Quartz gemstone chips
Essential Rewards is an amazing program that you can cancel at ANY TIME (but why would you?!). Points to use on free products, discounted shipping (or pay for the YL Go membership and get free shipping), loyalty gifts and extra monthly promotions! Check out the details about ER here:…/opportunity/essential-rewards

4) Rank Ups (compared to your September rank)::
OOLA Grow Roller with Rose Quartz chips
Any rank up qualifies! Did you know that some people make the first rank with Young Living (Star) with their own personal order? Many have ranked up accordingly! 500 OGV gets you to the first rank. If you rank up compared to where you ended in September, you’ll get this Grow Roller! If you’re not sure what your rank was in September let me know and I can check for you! I’d love to send out LOTS of these!

Who’s excited? Which roller(s) do you plan to earn?

(P.S. There are some pretty cool details about gemstones and the frequencies they carry. If you’re into that sort of thing, you can see the properties that each gemstone possesses that I included here:…/encyclobeadia/gem-notes)