running with purpose

Three years ago I went to Kenya with my church. After a long drive on a Kenyan “road” (literally made of boulders, I don’t know how we didn’t blow a tire), we came up to the village we were set to visit. We visited this village because our church had raised money for a well for the village – we came to celebrate and build relationship (the well was completed over a year later). One of the most eye opening and life altering moments was seeing the watering hole at Isinon.


This is the water that the people would drink. This is the water that their livestock would drink. This is the water that ran dry when there was no rain. Can you even imagine?┬áThis is the reality for so many people around the world. Many people have to walk miles just to get “clean” water and then they have to carry huge jugs back to their villages.

71722_10202239138484689_141922016_nFast forward to two months ago. I knew that our church had ran the Monumental Marathon to raise money for World Vision in the past. All of the sudden, a video comes up on the screen of normal people just like me who didn’t feel like they could run a half (or full) marathon but were stirred by the stories and faces of those who didn’t have clean water. It talked about the difference we can make by doing something like running a race. I looked at my husband and said, “should we go to the info meeting?” and we both said we probably should but drug our feet and never went. A few days later a friend texted and I mentioned us thinking about running the half and the rest is history.

This is so easy. $50 provides clean water for a person for LIFE. Can you even imagine? What a gift and one that is truthfully not a sacrifice for many of us here in the United States. Why am I not just donating the money myself since I don’t like running? Because that’s not what God has called me to do. He’s called me to do something that is beyond myself. That stretches me beyond what I can do on my own. It’s been tough so far – we’re halfway through the training and it’s been a mental and physical battle. But I know that I’ve been called to this. I’ve been called to do something challenging in order to change a life – hopefully many lives. Plus, by doing it this way I’m allowing so many more people to participate in the process of changing a life.

So here’s where you come in. I’m not even going to make you take up running. If you support Team World Vision with a donation, 100% of that donation goes to World Vision. I’ve already spent more than I’ve raised of my own personal money in buying things I needed for the run. I trust that God is going to do abundantly more than I can imagine through me running this race. I trust that many, many lives will be changed – both in Africa and here in the US as I hopefully inspire others to do things out of their comfort zones. You can donate whatever you feel led to donate here at Team WV. If you want, you can even donate to my husband‘s race. Again, we don’t get any of that money – we are spending money in order to be able to do this because we believe in it. I’d love your partnership and prayer as we run 13.1 in November. Remember, just $50 changes a life. How many lives will you impact?

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