Savvy Minerals Makeup

I am so excited to share that Young Living Essential Oils now has a makeup line! They also have a Makeup Starter Kit now (so disregard enrollment instructions in the video). The Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit includes 1 foundation, 1 blush, 3 eyeshadows, lipgloss, 1 foundation brush, misting spray, 5ml of lavender essential oil, and booklets to get you started. There are 4 foundation choices with the kits and the rest of the colors coordinate with the foundation choice.

Savvy Minerals is free from:

  • parabens
  • nano-particles
  • synthetic colors and fragrances
  • fillers
  • bismuth
  • talc
  • and it’s cruelty-free

Now that I’ve shared what’s not in it, take a peek at the video above to see what IS in it, how you can get it and how you could potentially get it FREE. I’m so excited and I hope you are too. The line is absolutely beautiful! Here is a link to their product information including how-to videos. Current members can order the makeup now in Virtual Office. For those that aren’t members yet, you can click here to purchase the Savvy Starter Kit, simply by choosing it from the list.