sharing essential oils with others {and making an income}

When I started using Young Living Essential Oils, I honestly believed I’d buy the starter kit and no more after that. After using the oils, I learned what worked for us and they’ve worked so well for certain things that my kids ask regularly for me to put oils on them. I love that. They’re obsessed with having the diffusers in their rooms. When I went through my health issues in 2014, it was an eye opening experience for me. That’s why I started this blog. I still had no intention to “sell” Young Living Essential Oils, but to share what I’m learning with others. But I got to a point where I wanted to share the oils with others and help change their lives as well.

So, maybe now you’re at the point where you’ve tried essential oils (hopefully therapeutic grade from Young Living) and you want to start sharing with others – great! If you love the though of essential oils but haven’t purchased a starter kit yet, I’d love to have you on my team and we can learn together how to best bless our families and others by sharing essential oils with them.

Having a Young Living business is so easy. You are simply sharing what you love. You’re sharing what you’re using and how they’ve impacted your wellness. There are a hundred different ways to grow a Young Living business. Some people teach classes. Some people share online using social media. Others share privately one-on-one. There is no right or wrong way. Simply share with your gifting. Who can you bless with either these products or the business opportunity?

Here’s a real look at the money side of things. At it’s most basic, you can earn $50 each time a person enrolls with a Premium Starter Kit under your member number (your referral). When someone orders the Premium Starter Kit, you would get the $25 Starter Kit Bonus as well as the 25% Fast Start bonus from their order (total bonus = $50+).  You are eligible to get those bonuses if you place an order in the same month of 50PV or more. However, you need a 100 PV order on your own essential rewards to be eligible for the other commissions (like the Unilevel commission, which is a percentage you earn from each level in your downline – details on bonuses are at the links below). The Kit bonuses are not where the money is at. The money is with people reordering and you building an organization under you (seeking business builders and regular customers who love the product and keep ordering).
Commissions are posted on the 20th of the month FOLLOWING the month they were earned in. That means, if you add to your downline in August, you will be paid for that in your September commission check. Below are some great resources to help explain the compensation plan at Young Living.

Young Living Compensation Plan
Elite Express
Income Disclosure Sheet – an honest look at income through Young Living. Currently I’m a Silver…so for those of you inquiring minds, you can see my average income here. I will say that so far, the averages have been pretty spot on.

If you’d like to grow your Young Living business, I’d love to journey with you. If you have any questions, you can email me at If you haven’t signed up for your starter kit but would like to get started, the instructions are here. If you have already enrolled with Young Living under another sponsor, please contact them for support! I have a private Facebook Page specific for my business builders where I share videos and training and encouragement. I also do Conference Calls and personal one-on-one calls as needed. When you succeed, I succeed – so let’s do this together!