a word on dairy


Dairy seems to be a hot topic these days. Whole milk vs. skim. Raw milk. Almond milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. Now, I don’t want to put any dairy farmers out of work, just sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained this year. I thought I’d do this one as a little bit of a Q&A today. When I talk about dairy I mean everything dairy: milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, heavy cream, etc.

What effects can dairy have in our body?
Dairy consumption has been linked to a variety of medical conditions in children including acne, asthma, juvenile myopia, insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes. … 

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a word on sugar

photo 2I think it’s no surprise to anyone that sugar can have ill effects on the body. We all know that, but we eat it any way. I fall victim to it too – although less now than I used to because of my dietary restrictions. I love candy (especially dark chocolate and gummies) and can’t resist a great bowl of ice cream. It’s no wonder that we as Americans are addicted to sugar when you start reading the labels on your foods – nearly everything has some form of sugar added to it – whether it be high fructose corn syrup, cane sugar, honey, maple syrup, dextrose or plain old fashioned sugar. The more sugar we eat, the more we get used to the higher levels of sugar and the more we want. It’s a vicious cycle…. 

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a word on grains

Spoons with groatsWho’s excited to talk about grains today? WOO! Get excited! No, you’re not excited? Hm. Okay then. I want to share about grains today because I feel like I’ve been so blinded (as have most Americans who have been fed the “whole grain is healthy” mantra) – when the real truth is that grains are hard to digest and they don’t have any nutritional value that you can’t get from another source like fruits & vegetables. But I’m getting ahead of myself…. 

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what in the world is systemic inflammation?

You know what’s funny? For the past few months I’ve been calling this systematic inflammation, not systemic. Oops. I thought it was systematic because it caused various symptoms. Lesson learned. Through researching how to heal my body, I mainly read two books that I’ll reference here discussing systemic inflammation. Before I started my research, I had never heard of systemic inflammation so I’m guessing that you haven’t either. I hope to break it down for you in easy to understand bits. Please see my sources for more detailed information about it, because I will just be giving an overview here.

Let’s jump right in…. 

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