real life P90X3 results

P90X3 real resultsNothing like taking a 4 month break from blogging, huh? I have to be real with you all…I intended to write this post to show you that P90X3 doesn’t really work like they say. I wanted to give you a real snapshot of how P90X3 can work for a real person, with real results. I’m still doing that, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did the fit test this morning. While I didn’t see the results I wanted on the scale, the other results far outweighed that disappointment.

Let me preface the results by saying what I did and what I ate. I eat 90% paleo on a regular basis. In the middle of P90X3 (during Block 2) I did a Whole30 and lost 7 pounds. The rest of the time I didn’t lose any weight (in fact, I didn’t even lose 7 pounds by the time the program was over). … 

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perfect {and the miracle of the unfollow}

I posted this over at my business blog and it got such a great response on instagram that I decided to share it here as well…and to give you a heads up (at the end) that it might be quiet over here for a while.

unfollowLast Friday was a crazy day for me – just super busy and putting out fires for the market and working (etc, etc). That evening someone was at my house and she said that a friend told her that my life was perfect. In that moment  it made me really upset. Of course my life’s not perfect. Blessed? Yes. Perfect? Absolutely not. Sunday at church I stewed over that. People thinking my life is perfect. Why does that make me mad? I really don’t know, but I do know I never want to make anyone feel bad with the things that I put out there. I talked it over with Dave and he basically told me to take it as a compliment (hard to do when I figure it wasn’t meant that way). He said to let it go, which I probably should but just had to get this out today…. 

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small victories

celebrateLast week I had a bit of a low point. On Tuesday morning I woke up overwhelmed and frustrated at this journey. I thought – how boring for the kids to have ham, carrots & grapes every day. How in the world can I NOT give them a sandwich in their lunch? We’re just going to have to keep eating grains. I went to the grocery store and grabbed a few things, but was still frustrated. Later in the afternoon I watched some sessions from the Wellness Family Summit and it renewed a fire in me. … 

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when your body is not ready

Reintroduction after Whole30 was not fun. I basically found out that everything irritated my stomach in one way or another (some were bearable, and some were not). After reintroduction I’ve slowly continued to heal my gut by keeping to a Paleo diet. However, I knew that at some point I’d have to try these potentially irritating foods again. So the other day I had corn chips at Chuy’s when we were out for dinner. They were delicious. I enjoyed them. For 48 hours I felt fine. Then the constipation/bloating/bubbly stomach started again…and lasted for about 5 days. It’s so aggravating to me. I think my body needed more than 30 days to heal. Maybe I should have done a Whole45 or Whole60, but there’s no way to really know that until you go through reintroduction…. 

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Why am I doing this?

If you knew me before today, you know that I’m a wife and mother as well as a business owner for the last 11 years. The business and my family keeps me busy most of the time, without a whole lot of extra (like so many other people). So why start a new blog and business? There are a few reasons.

The first is that when I started this journey earlier this year, I was gearing up to be the healthiest that I’ve ever been. I was eating well (or so I thought) and exercising 3-4 times a week. Then I had constipation, bloating and discomfort for the first time in my life and it wouldn’t go away. Months went by, trying different things and taking Miralax every single day. My friend Elizabeth told me about Whole30 and I figured, what’s there to lose? You can read about my Whole30 journey here. During Whole30 I had been sharing things about what I was doing and I had a lot of people asking questions. There were a handful of my friends that started Whole30 because I had shared what it’s done for me. That was a turning point for me…I realized that people were listening to what I was saying about health because they wanted to turn their lives around too. I don’t say that to sound prideful at all, but I felt a sense of responsibility to share what I was learning. I felt pressure, but also honored that they trusted what I had to say. I knew that I couldn’t just keep this information to myself, I needed to keep sharing it with whoever wanted to listen…. 

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