10 helpful wellness links


This past week I listened to quite a few sessions at the Wellness Family Summit and gleaned a wealth of information through those sessions. I thought you all might enjoy some of the new resources I’ve come across so here they are!

Mommypotamus // recipes for food, beauty and home products

Saving Dinner // recipes, helpful food information, encouragement… 

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holy yoga

October 2014 Cover ImageAt the Influence Conference I had the coolest experience. On Friday they had Holy Yoga at 6am so Susan & I drug ourselves out of bed to see what it was all about. I have tried yoga many times and loved it – I used to do Steve Ross‘ Inhale classes on Oxygen until they took him off. I was so sad that day. Since then I’ve done yoga here and there & have taken a class at our YMCA…. 

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what if?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.39.10 AMAs I go through this journey this year, I find myself continuing to say, what if? I went into trying Whole30 (and essential oils) with that mentality – what if? What have I got to lose by cutting out these foods for 30 days? I miss out on an ice cream trip with the family and we don’t eat out as often (which actually is good because it saved us money that I could use on real, whole foods). What if essential oils don’t work for us? I stop using them. But I didn’t stop, because most of the time they did work. And cutting out the inflammatory foods DID work for me – it healed my body in ways that my doctor (and hundreds & hundreds of dollars) couldn’t…. 

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