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frankincense2I don’t even know where to begin…this last week was a discouraging one for those of us trying to share Essential Oils with other people. The FDA sent out some warning letters to a few bloggers that talked about using essential oils for Ebola and it sparked this reminder of checking how we share things about essential oils. Because it can’t be classified as a drug due to it’s natural (and changing) components, those of us who are distributors (i.e. “selling” essential oils) can’t classify an EO like a drug when we share. For example, I can’t say that I use an oil for my son’s asthma (or rather what oil I use). Or that I use something for constipation. So the oils posts that I’ve had up so far had to be edited to remove the ailments (such as Frankincense above). Even if we site the source, we still can’t claim that an oil can be for a specific ailment like asthma, allergies or even an abrasion.

Another frustrating thing is all of the talk around about food. Things that are okay here in America but ILLEGAL everywhere else. Like how McDonald’s sells organic milk in their kids meals and how their fries only have 4 ingredients instead of the 9 that we have here. How companies like Monsanto are giving millions of dollars to oppose GMO labeling on our food. Don’t we have a right to know what’s in our food without having to grow it all ourselves?

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, and I guess I’ve become one. I’m learning to be unapologetic about it though. I believe that God gave us good, real food in the garden and the plants we needed for medicine as well. I believe that God allowed me to go through medical issues this year so that I would research food & oils and share what I learn with others. I can’t sit idle. Everyone is in their own place regarding their food journey, even my family is not all on the same page yet. We are all learning as information comes at us from all angles. I simply want to help people be healthy. I’m not 100% there yet – no one is perfect. But I want to INSPIRE others in everything I do.

So around here things might start to look a little different…I have to be more creative and compliant in sharing essential oils and what they can be used for. This hurts me and you because if you ask a question about what to use for something, I can’t really answer you because I’m trying to “sell” the oils. Our best bet is to go to the Reference Guide or Essential Oil Desk Reference to get your information. It lists all of the ailments there and which oil to use. You can also always search immediately at ylsearch.com for testimonials and such (although I’m not sure how much longer that will be allowed either). Unfortunately I can’t even reference that. So while I started this blog to be able to help others in their natural living journey, my hands are tied right now. I still definitely want to help, I’m just navigating the waters of what that looks like. Thanks for walking alongside me!


  1. Christine Whittemore says

    Keep it up! You are inspiration and encouragement to many. Especially someone like me, who’s just starting this journey, which often feels like I’m constantly swimming upstream. Thank you for helping others know they’re not alone or crazy for thinking the same way you do!

    • Amy at NLRL says

      Thank you Christine, I really appreciate that. Frequently I think I’m crazy, but then I remember my identity in Christ and what He’s led me to thus far. I’m so glad I can encourage!! Hugs!

  2. Courtney L says

    You are so right Amy! I find it odd that we (sellers) and just people in general have to censor what we say or claim about a natural product. However, the FDA, food companies, etc don’t have to state their ingredients, sources for ingredients, etc. it just sounds a little hypocritical to me.

    We’ve been hearing the same warnings from shaklee. We can’t claim nutriferon is better than tami flu, etc. A lot of posters had to be reworded.

    It’s just a lot of BS if you ask me. But I love your blog and people need to know there are alternatives out there. I think the FDA is starting to get backed into a corner and there are in fight mode now.

    • Amy at NLRL says

      For sure, I agree. There’s definitely a double standard with the food companies, it’s so aggravating!

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