how to use essential oils


3-stepsHow do I use essential oils? There are three ways to use therapeutic grade essential oils.

The first is topical application. Many of the oils are safe to use directly on the skin. Some of the oils need to be diluted as you use them with a carrier oil (some can be used “neat” which means undiluted directly on the skin). The thing that I like is that on every bottle it lists if it needs to be mixed with a carrier oil (such as 1 drop EO and 4 drops carrier). I use the V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex from Young Living. It is not as greasy as some other forms of carrier oil that I’ve used. Whatever you use for your carrier oil needs to be organic, virgin, and cold-pressed for it to be most effective with the essential oils. As I said, the oils are super concentrated, therapeutic grade so normally you only need one drop! Less is more when dealing with essential oils.

aromaticThe second is inhalation or aromatic use. For some, simply taking a whiff of the bottle is enough. You can also use a diffuser to make the aroma particles go into the air. You could also pour hot water into a bowl then a few drops of essential oil. Then cover you head and bowl with a towel in a tent like fashion and breathe in deep & slow. Yet another way to inhale the essential oils would be to put a drop in your hand, rub your hands together and then cup it over your nose and take some deep breaths. You could also purchase a piece of diffuser jewelry such as these necklaces – there really are so many options for aromatic use of essential oils.


internallyThe third way is internal consumption (Do NOT do this with oils from a grocery/health food store…they are not approved for that). Some essential oils make excellent dietary supplements or food flavorings. Young Living has made it easy for you to know what oils can be used internally as dietary supplements because they’ve created a whole line called the Vitality Line. These are labeled for internal use and the bottle tells you how to do so. They are the same quality as the standard labeled essential oils and blends, but are labeled specifically for dietary use. I only trust Young Living’s oils to be used internally. Personal preference here. The Vitality Line are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) to be used for internal consumption.


How do I know which oils to use?
There are many places that you can find what oil to use for different things. Some of my favorites are the Reference Materials at (including the app!!) and also You also can use our friend Google, but please know that anyone can put anything out there. Some information you’ll see will not be true or helpful. My go-to are always the reference materials that I spoke about above.