what if?

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.39.10 AMAs I go through this journey this year, I find myself continuing to say, what if? I went into trying Whole30 (and essential oils) with that mentality – what if? What have I got to lose by cutting out these foods for 30 days? I miss out on an ice cream trip with the family and we don’t eat out as often (which actually is good because it saved us money that I could use on real, whole foods). What if essential oils don’t work for us? I stop using them. But I didn’t stop, because most of the time they did work. And cutting out the inflammatory foods DID work for me – it healed my body in ways that my doctor (and hundreds & hundreds of dollars) couldn’t.

So I want to ask you today what you’re waiting for? What if? What if you try cutting out inflammatory foods and your depression symptoms lessen? What if your migraines are able to go away? What if your cholesterol is better? What if you are finally able to get pregnant? I’m not saying these things will 100% guaranteed happen – but what if they DO? Oh mercy, what if it were just that easy? And if they don’t happen, what have you lost? In that 30 days you will gain an understanding of what food does to your body. You will have a heightened awareness of what is in the foods that you eat – even if you go back to eating processed food (although I doubt you will like you did before). You can do this, I know you can! There are people that thought they could never do 30 days that powered through it – so can you!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.39.38 AMWhat if? What’s holding you back? Is it finances? Is it time? Let’s support each other, because that makes all the difference. Tell us what you’re struggling with in getting started and let us lovingly encourage you.


  1. Angie says

    Our whole family is trying Whole 30. Today is Day 1. We have our Daughter’s b-day & Halloween this month so not sure what we are going to do about that. Kids may have modified version 🙂 Finding affordable organic meat is a hurdle!

    • Amy at NLRL says

      That’s awesome!! Let me know how it goes! I agree about the meat – I just try to buy the max I’m allowed when Earth Fare has a good sale and stick it in the freezer. That’s definitely tough. Hoping to buy part of a cow soon 🙂

  2. Midride says

    I just got the whole30. I am preparing to start following it next month. Yes, like Angie said- finding organic meet is not easy here in Florida, but I was able to find a few places in west Miami.

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