who am I?


Hey there! I’m a jewelry designer, wife, mother and believer in Jesus. I have a new passion for healthy living (with a healthy dose of reality mixed in) and I love sharing that with others. I hope to encourage you in your journey as well! Young Living Member #1711986. I’d love this place to be somewhere to inspire & encourage others to live a healthier life and to heal their bodies through food & essential oils – the things that God has given us! If you have a question or comment you can leave a comment on the specific blog post or you can email me at amy (at) amycornwell (dot) com – thanks for joining me here!

I am…
…a child of God who is learning how to use the good things that He’s given to us
…a wife and mother trying to make a healthier home
…the child of a breast cancer survivor who is scared by the “C” word
…someone who likes to share things I learn with others
…passionate about people living the best & healthiest life they can and am losing my fear of stepping on someones toes when I tell them that their beloved diet coke is poison (but I do it in the most loving way possible, of course)

I am not…
…a nurse, doctor or nutritionist
…someone who wants to petition and sue the food & chemical companies – they are businesses and it’s my job to educate myself (and hopefully others) to make informed decisions…if I don’t like an ingredient in a product, I simply don’t buy or eat it. Besides, Food Babe is already doing a great job at that. I’ll let her handle the criticism.
…perfect – sometimes I want to have a cupcake or a bowl of ice cream without worrying what every single ingredient is…I just want to enjoy it (and I do).
…all knowing – I’m just trying to learn and share my journey along the way. There are a LOT of things that I still don’t know, but am willing to seek out the answers to questions that people have.
…Young Living vs. Doterra. You can find enough of that online. Every business has naysayers and we are all in charge of our own decisions. I personally have chosen YL and after doing my research am extremely happy with my decision. You will find all sides of the coin when you try to decide which essential oil company to go with – use your best judgment. If someone asks, I give my opinion but that won’t be here on the blog.