Why am I doing this?

If you knew me before today, you know that I’m a wife and mother as well as a business owner for the last 11 years. The business and my family keeps me busy most of the time, without a whole lot of extra (like so many other people). So why start a new blog and business? There are a few reasons.

The first is that when I started this journey earlier this year, I was gearing up to be the healthiest that I’ve ever been. I was eating well (or so I thought) and exercising 3-4 times a week. Then I had constipation, bloating and discomfort for the first time in my life and it wouldn’t go away. Months went by, trying different things and taking Miralax every single day. My friend Elizabeth told me about Whole30 and I figured, what’s there to lose? You can read about my Whole30 journey here. During Whole30 I had been sharing things about what I was doing and I had a lot of people asking questions. There were a handful of my friends that started Whole30 because I had shared what it’s done for me. That was a turning point for me…I realized that people were listening to what I was saying about health because they wanted to turn their lives around too. I don’t say that to sound prideful at all, but I felt a sense of responsibility to share what I was learning. I felt pressure, but also honored that they trusted what I had to say. I knew that I couldn’t just keep this information to myself, I needed to keep sharing it with whoever wanted to listen.

Another reason is that I’m a skeptic. While I’m learning new things and trying out essential oils to see if they’re the real deal, I can save you guys some time in not having to research the exact same things I’m researching. Of course, we should all do some of our own research and not just trust one person, but if I can be one place to spur someone on to a healthier life, then I’ve done what I’m called to do.

Another reason is a very practical one. When I started using essential oils, I was a skeptic. I bought the starter kit thinking that it would be all I ever bought from Young Living. I thought they wouldn’t work for me and I certainly didn’t think I was going to share them with anyone else to generate commission for myself. But you know what? They actually worked for my family (not all of them exactly how I wanted, but I’ll talk more about that later) and I was happy to share my results with other people. If that means that they sign up and use God’s natural medicine instead of OTC and prescription meds, then great! If they continue to be customers of Young Living under me and it provides a commission that I can use to buy my family more oils, even better! I’m not going to say that the commission aspect is completely out of my mind, because we all need to do things to provide for our family. But that is not my number one goal with this blog.

Recently I went to a conference and the speaker said something that pushed me off the edge in regard to starting this blog. She said something to the effect of “Don’t be selfish. Tell people in need about oils. People need to know.” I believe that if there is something that I know can be helpful to someone else, but I don’t share it, I’m doing God a disservice and am being selfish in not sharing with others. I’m not an expert and won’t pretend to be. I’m just like a million other people out there – a mom trying to do what’s right for her family. I’m excited to journey with you all in this.


  1. Teri Nartin says

    Amy – I am new to Young Living as well, but am loving the oils and what God continues to teach me. Did you by any chance attend the event in Indy with Shannon Hudson? I am curious because what you said in your post rang a bell. Anyway, great blog! I look forward to reading more.

    • nlrl_admin says

      I did attend Shannon’s event – it was so great! I wish I could keep learning from her – she was so knowledgable!

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